The most innovative and complete mobile application! Communicate your services and their availability, efficiently and personalised to your customers, before, during and after their stay, improving the total experience with your hotel.

ESODOS mobile app works as a digital guide, receptionist and personal assistant, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers, while allowing your personnel direct communication to them.Its simple and user-friendly structure guides your customers through a set of information about your hotel and services in a discreet, personalised and always respectful way to user’s privacy.

Using ESODOS you enrich your solution range and offer to your customers and personnel access to a variety of products and services. In addition, you achieve improvement in sales by saving valuable time and effort of your employees.

The mobile app aims to enhance customer management processes and cultivate customer relations using mobile devises, increasing your reliability and offering a more personalised accomondation experience.

You can download the ESODOS mobile application for free through Play Store and App Store.

    • Fast and efficient customer service due to connectivity with other systems.
    • Layouts that match to the general online corporate identity.
    • Personalised offers in real time.
    • Enhances the communication with customer and the engagement level.
    • Strengthening cooperation with other companies by acquiring knowledge regarding the origin of new sales.
    • Presentation of the total tourist product and not only the services provided from the hotel.
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