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Complete Security and Convenience for Your Property

Visionline by Vingcard ASSA ABLOY is a comprehensive access control system designed to meet the needs of any hospitality establishment, from small hotels to large resorts. Visionline empowers you to create a secure and convenient environment for your guests, while streamlining operations for your staff.

Visionline wireless
Visionline wireless
    • Effortless Access: Keycards activate upon check-in and deactivate upon check-out, streamlining guest experience.
    • Mobile Access Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with Mobile Access solutions for added convenience.
    • Enhanced Security: Create customizable alarms for various events and manage access remotely.
    • Online Room Management: Block users, cancel access, reassign rooms, and more, all from a central hub.
    • Integration Capabilities: Connects with other systems like energy management for improved operations.
    • Detailed Reporting: Generate customized reports based on your specific criteria.
    • Access Control: Limit access to specific areas with counters to track usage.

    Visionline Options: 

    Visionline Wireless: Perfect for existing properties, retrofits, and new builds. Offers:

    • Flexible Installation: No need for complex wiring.
    • Real-time Communication: Provides online connection with locks, safes, and energy management systems.
    • Remote Management: Support room changes, extend stays, and remotely cancel cards – all without front desk intervention.

    Visionline Offline: Ideal for properties without a network connection. Features:

    • Secure Keycard Storage: All access information is encrypted and stored on the keycard itself.
    • Offline Functionality: Provides a wide range of features even without a network connection.

    Visionline Wired: The best choice for new construction projects. Benefits include:


    • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Eliminates the need for batteries, promoting a greener operation.
    • Network Utilization: Leverages your existing Ethernet network for seamless communication.

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