A single hospitality platform that connects every facet of the business—from property management to finance to sales and marketing—to elevate operations and deliver experiences beyond guests’ expectations.

For years, if not decades, the hospitality industry has known that working in silos is bad for business,but little has been done to fix it. Departments are disconnected from one another. Data is stuck in disparate systems. Guest profiles resemble puzzles with missing pieces.

In this fractured environment, the property management system has done its best to serve as the center of operations—sometimes even being described as its “brain.” But without connections to the entire business, a PMS is hardly enlightened. The truth is, it’s keeping you in the dark.

In the wake of the pandemic, hoteliers will be pressed to navigate many unknowns, requiring unprecedented agility to anticipate—and react to—changing marketplace demands. That makes it critical to adapt technology designed to help organizations connect relevant data and deliver it in real time to all departments.

It’s the only way to quickly identify emerging opportunities and address issues that can siphon off revenue or turn away consumers. Simply put, hoteliers can no longer tolerate traditional divides between a PMS, CRS, CRM.

Instead, it’s essential to adapt a single hospitality platform that bridges operations, finance, and sales and marketing. It’s time to bring together the front office and the back office, establishing a consistent level of excellence across all facets of the business to generate greater revenue and win guest loyalty.

    • Adapt more quickly to ever-changing
    • Incorporate new technologies
    • Capitalize on AI-powered analysis 3 of guest behavior and preferences
    • Recapture revenue by expanding market reach
    • Maximize group sales and events business
    • Accelerate hotel expansion withimproved speed to market
    • Enhance data security in the 7 face of escalating cyberthreats
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