Oracle Hospitality Simphony is a portable hosting management platform that combines POS with back-office procedures, supporting a wide range of functions in the Food & Beverage sector. At the same time, the operating costs of software maintenance and technical support are significantly reduced, thus allowing resources to be allocated to other strategic choices made by the business.

Simphony POS is a useful tool that focuses on guests, using embedded mobile POS solutions. It can also be deployed in a Cloud environment, further facilitating the actions of the user, as it performs operations quickly, thus saving time.

It incorporates process modules that control small day-to-day activities and can, therefore, manage a whole range of activities such as loss prevention, loyalty, gift cards and vouchers.

The service is designed in a way that ensures that functions may continue as normal even when there are problems with the Internet connection, thus ensuring the high availability of businesses.

Oracle Hospitality Simphony POS:

  • adapts to all kinds of food businesses.
  • is used by hotel and restaurant chains, cruise ships, etc.
  • is ideal for multiple and extensive functions in stadiums, arenas, casinos, theme parks, etc.
  • It facilitates inventory management, loss prevention, gift & loyalty management, general tasks, and more.
  • It has great reporting capabilities.
  • It supports hardware specially designed for the hosting industry.
  • It brings mobile technology to the heart of the business, with front and back office applications that operate flawlessly on a variety of portable devices.

Simphony Cloud
    • Reduce the cost of IT management across the enterprise by leveraging the cloud
    • Take guest engagement to a new level with a POS solution that extends to mobile
    • Increase consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with centralized management
    • Quickly bring ideas and innovations to market with operational agility
    • Manage multiple operational styles within one enterprise
    • Easily extend the solution to include loss prevention, loyalty, and inventory management
    • Simplify integration by leveraging APIs to connect with mobile payment options, online ordering solutions, and more
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