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Experience a safer and more open world with Mobile Access by Vingcard ASSA ABLOY.

This innovative solution empowers hotels to offer guests a seamless and secure experience, eliminating the need for traditional keys and cards. Mobile Access leverages the power of smartphones, transforming them into digital keys that unlock guestrooms, elevators, and common areas.


    Benefits for Hotels:

    • Enhanced Guest Experience: Guests can skip front desk queues, check in remotely, and access their rooms directly using their smartphones. This translates to a more convenient and time-saving arrival process.
    • Increased Loyalty & Profitability: Mobile Access fosters guest loyalty by creating a frictionless experience. Additionally, it streamlines front desk operations, reducing costs and driving revenue.
    • Improved Operational Efficiency: By automating key management and check-in processes, Mobile Access frees up staff to focus on providing exceptional guest service.
    • Strengthened Brand Image: Hotels can showcase their commitment to innovation and guest satisfaction by implementing Mobile Access technology.

    Benefits for Guests:

    • Convenience: Guests can use their familiar smartphones as room keys, eliminating the need to carry or keep track of traditional keys or cards.
    • Security: Mobile Access utilizes industry-leading encryption standards to ensure the secure transmission and storage of digital keys.
    • Time-Saving: Guests can bypass front desk lines and proceed directly to their rooms upon arrival.

    Mobile Access Options:

    ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions offers a variety of Mobile Access solutions to cater to individual hotel needs:

    • Third-Party Certified Partner App: Integrates Mobile Access functionality into existing hotel apps developed by ASSA ABLOY's trusted partners.
    • Customer Integration: Enables hotels with their own app development initiatives to seamlessly integrate Mobile Access into their existing apps.
    • Vingcard ASSA ABLOY Mobile Access App: A ready-to-use app for hotels seeking a basic mobile access solution without the need for integrations.

    Powered by Seos®:

    Mobile Access by Vingcard ASSA ABLOY is powered by Seos®, the world's leading multi-platform ecosystem for secure mobile credentialing. Seos® adheres to the most stringent security standards, ensuring the safe and reliable transmission of digital keys.

    Contact us today to learn more about how Mobile Access can elevate your hotel's operations and guest experience!

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