EUROTEL PRODUCTS Allowances Control

It is important for the F&B industry to have full control over all the processes that could play a role in the financial aspect of a business. One of these processes includes the use of entitlements in restaurants/Bars and the automated checking thereof.

Eurotel Hospitality has created an integrated application for the management of allowances in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the dealings of the sales department with customers in departments with POS. This application also informs POS operators about what the customer is entitled to when visiting a Restaurant/Bar.

It is also very important to point out that the application is fully compatible with Oracle Hospitality applications in the case of POS with PMS.In addition, the application has the ability to display in an automated manner the entitlements of the customer based on the customer’s dealings with the hotel or the restaurant and, at the same time, to have full control which allows it to produce at central level a record of the use of allowances.

    • Direct Interface of POS with PMS (Fidelio, Opera).
    • Appearance on the POS display of the details of the customer’s booking.
    • Appearance on the POS display of the entitlements of the customer depending on the deal made.
    • Option to consume allowances in a convenient and quick way.
    • Return of allowance.
    • Recording consumption at a central level so that it may be checked at any time.
    • Reduction of customer service time in Restaurants/Bars since the entire process is automated.

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