Opera PMS

OPERA PMS is the core of OPERA Enterprise Solution, as it is designed to meet the different requirements of an individual hotel unit, regardless of size, or even a hotel chain, providing comprehensive information at all levels of the process, up to financial management.

The application contributes to the development of a hotel business, as its usability and scalability, centralized management, and ability to integrate proprietary-level applications, allows administrators to retrieve any real-time data anywhere they are and to take effective decisions. The management of customer relationships and guest services is very important because it is the basis upon which the efficiency and success of a business are founded. This is the ultimate goal served by the application.

OPERA PMS is connected to existing applications of other vendors (call center, pay tv, etc.), thus saving time and money while providing the maximum flow of information to and from such applications. The business can now evaluate the efficiency of hotel staff in basic everyday functions such as bookings, accounting operations, sales and call center operations.


Oracle Hospitality
Assa Abloy
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